Our magazine is a professional edition for furniture makers, plywood manufacturers, tradesman and interior decorators. The journal is sending directly to leaders of appropriate organisations in Russia and also is circulating among visitors of special exhibitions in Russia and C.S.I., countries of East and West Europe. 5000 copies.

Our plan in 2020 is following:

№1/2020 will appear in February.

№2/2020 will appear in April.

№3/2020 will appear in September.

№4/2020 will appear in November.

We are ready to give the advertisement of your firm in our magazine, and we are sure that our readers can make use of the service of your firm.

Rates for advertisement are follows:

¼ A4 four-colour magazine page                 275 euro

½ A4 four-colour magazine page                  440 euro

1 four-colour magazine page                          770 euro

2 four-colour magazine pages                        990 euro

The price for the 1st cover page                    1250 euro*

2nd and 3rd cover page                                  1000 euro*

4th cover page                                                  1200 euro*

*if you buy the cover you can give the article inside magazine on free base.

Thanks: Emmadaumas